What is the capacity of La Jolla Woman’s Club?

The main ballroom can seat up to 120 guests with room for a dance floor. The adjacent south parlor adds seating for another 50 guests and the north parlor adds seating for another 70 guests. Maximum capacity including both parlors is 220.

Can I have a buffet at the club?

The north parlor is tiled, adjacent to the kitchen and is perfect for stations or buffet. The covered veranda is also an option for buffet or stations.

Where does my DJ or band set-up?

The ballroom has its own raised built-in stage with power that is perfect for a DJ or band.

Who is allowed to cater at the club?

The Club has an approved list of caterers who all provide full service catering and are highly skilled at working at the Club. Please ask for the list of 12 caterers or check our website for their names and links.

Who is allowed to pour alcohol at the club?

The Club has a required beverage company: Bar Works, and they handle all beverage service at the LJWC. They have a liquor license and liability insurance and their bartenders are trained and certified with Serve Safe.

Are we allowed to buy our own alcohol?

Yes, you may purchase your own alcohol and have Bar Works serve it. They can help you determine quantities needed and even help with the purchase of the alcohol and delivery using their own volume purchasing.

As the client, are we required to have liability insurance? If so, where do I buy it?

Yes, a minimum of one million dollars listing the Club as additional insured. There is a company that provides liability insurance for weddings and other events and insures all aspects of your event.

Do you require security for events?

For events of 150 or more guests. Security firms such as Elite Show Services can provide this service.

What are the rules about set-up and drop-off of decor?

Load-in is scheduled for two hours prior to the event. Unfortunately drop off the day before is not possible due to other events being held at the Club.

How late can our reception go?

Contract time must end by 10pm with music, bar and food service ending ½ hour before the end of the contract time. This requirement is to meet the City of San Diego Noise Ordinance. Most contracts are from 5 to 10pm although we can begin earlier.

Most of our clients pre-select a lounge in the Prospect district for an after party for those who would like to continue to party.

Are we allowed to have bird seed or confetti?

No bird seed, fake snow, confetti, glitter, rice, silly string, sparklers, or other damaging materials.

What kind of candles are allowed?

LED’s are allowed, no votives or tea lights.

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