Selecting Flowers for Your Wedding by Arturo at Artquest Flowers

1 )While choosing floral for your wedding, we suggest you pick 1 primary color and 2 complimentary colors.
Thus giving a designer ample working space to create a beautiful design.

2) In this economy, we highly recommend you set a budget for floral, just as you set a budget for your bridal gown. It gives a florist option as to what can be incorporated in your wedding to achieve the look your going for

3) Pick Flowers that are in season and can help you get the opulence that your looking for.

4) Flowers always make a statement at weddings. Having tall and short Centerpieces enhance a room tremendously.

5) Just because your wedding is in the fall you don’t have to use Red and orange. It is very important that your wedding reflects your personality, be it a Disco Themed Party or a Classic White wedding.