Lighting Tips from San Diego Events Lighting

San Diego Events Lighting UplightsUplights and What They Add To Your Lighting Design
There are quite a few different lighting elements that can come together to create a lighting design  that will be perfect for your event. If you’re having a wedding, corporate, or special event we recommend that your lighting package in the very least include Uplighting. Any lighting designer worth their weight in gold will recommend Uplights to be the base of a lighting design.
Uplights will be able to help transform your event into whatever theme you choose. We had a couple who wanted a Winter Wonderland theme. We met with them at our showroom and were able to come up with the perfect color for them. The lights came together with the florals and linens and put the finishing touch on their Winter Wonderland wedding. The feel of the room was definitely a Winter Wonderland feel.  It’s amazing how Uplights not only transform the look of a room, but can also help create the mood and feel that your guests will experience.
San Diego Events Lighting Purple UplightsThere are two different types of Uplights, traditional Par Cans which do the warm colors like amber, gold and orange, and there are LED Uplights which can be digitally programmed to produce any color. With the advance of LED technology LED Uplights can also produce very nice amber colors, something that wasn’t easy to produce in the past.
It’s very important to place the lights on an area that will allow the lights to show beautifully, whether it’s on a wall, or on architectural elements such as columns and arches. Our lighting technicians have been trained to know where to strategically place the Uplights, making sure that the lighting will make your event something you and your guests will talk about for years to come.