Cake/Cupcake Advice from Elaine Ardizzone of Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. (

Let’s make your Cakes and cupcakes as personal as your wedding gown.  Your guests will love to walk into the reception area and say, “Wow! That is so THEM!” when they see that you chose a.) a vintage-chic design with one shock of feathers; b.) hand-modeled chocolate toppers in the shapes of your two pets; or c.) mini cannolis & cupcakes with black & white edible photos of you two on your trip to Italy last year.  Options are endless!

Your cake stands out as one of the only other art pieces that guests will regularly photograph, aside from you two as a couple.  Prior to meeting with your cake designer, think about the following so that we may help you come up with a design/plan that represents you:

  1. What brought you together as a couple?  What are you “into” as a couple?  (video games, Disneyland, sports, travel, mid-century furniture?)  How can you get us to know you quickly?
  2. Is your ring or dress a family heirloom or special design that could be replicated in sugar or butter cream?
  3. Do you have a color scheme that you’d like us to follow in a pattern or in sugar flowers?  Do you prefer understated or bold?  (If you choose black or dark colors, you may need to wrap your cake in fondant prior to using so much food coloring.)
  4. What is a budget window that works for you?  Cakes range from $6-15/person from top bakeries, and cupcakes may help with a tight budget.  Remember: This is the biggest day of your life and probably the only time you’ll ever order a 3’ high cake, so let’s make it special.
  5. What time of day is your wedding, and where would you like it displayed?  Frosting is perishable and does not survive long in direct sunlight or high heat, so utilize the well-covered trellised patios or the beautiful inner ballroom at La Jolla Women’s Club for your cake display.
  6. Think about alternative fun for the display of your cake & cupcakes.  Vintage books, tea trays, pedestals, towers, old ladders, vases, and wooden boxes all make really cool display pieces.

FLAVOR: Guests love cake…especially guests who may not know many people at your wedding.  Cake is the bonding moment they all wait for.  Giving them a special flavor combination will make their day!  Don’t be afraid to choose what you like, it’s your big day.  When you set up a cake tasting, let us know if you are into nuts (peanut butter mousse, hazelnut butter cream, pistachio), chocolate (rich, light, white), tropical fruits (passion fruit, guava, banana, key lime, coconut), berries, etc.

We wish you an amazing experience as you plan, share, remember, love, and enjoy this most memorable day of your lives together!